PECO Sucks Balls

Those of you looking for the IRC server, it’ll be back soon. Why is it not there now? Because PECO sucks balls.

They turned off our power today for “nonpayment”. They claim that they spoke with someone about this, yet it was news to both of us when the asshole (and he was quite the fucking asshole) came out to actually do the shutdown. He didn’t have to be nearly as rude as he was – actually, he didn’t have to be rude at all – and would’ve had a much more pleasant experience with my wife’s questions if he answered nicely without extra commentary about “you people”. He’d have probably got shot by me, but that’s another story.

So anyway, we call them to find out what the hell is going on, and as I said they claim to have talked to someone about this. They also claim to have mailed something to us about it – however, then someone had an “Oh, yeah” moment when Stephanie asked them to look at our account where we mention that many times we don’t even get our bill (sometimes due to them, sometimes due to the post office – yet another issue). So we pay the bill over the phone, right then and there. Nevermind that they’ve got a check either on its way to them or in their hands already for the same amount. And then we’re told when they’ll turn things back on.

In 48 to 72 hours.

Yeah. We can shut off your power whenever the fuck we want to – or just have shitty systems that fail left and right and leave you with no power anyway – and get back to you in three days about getting it back on.

So yeah. PECO sucks balls. They can suck mine too. Supposedly there’s been a lot of complaints against them, I’m filing one with the PA Public Utility Commission later this afternoon.

Edit: Hm, maybe I should’ve said they can eat my ass instead. Then I could give them plenty of links like this one: PECO (it’s Wikipedia, but not exactly safe for work either)

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