God, Sometimes You Just Don’t Come Through

So sue me, Tori Amos just came on the playlist on the Mac :>

Well, it’s a Friday. That’s one good thing about today. So far it’s about the only good thing, I think. Just really run down lately, and I’ve been getting a good amount of sleep too so I’m not sure what is causing it. Oh well, maybe I’ll catch up this weekend and start getting up earlier again. I kinda like that, especially in the summertime, since it means I get home with plenty of daylight to do whatever I want.

Printers out of toner, people asking about problems they apparently emailed me awhile ago and I have no recollection of them, nobody on the air on my way in this morning, no more Dr. Pepper so I’m drinking root beer which isn’t caffeinated, and I just want to go outside and play. Steph has a lot of work to catch up on this weekend, so Dave and I are probably going to head to the club shack and … well, I dont’ know what. But we’ll do something. Hell even if I spend the time just scanning around the HF bands and listening, it’ll be fun. And more interesting than sitting in front of a TV could ever hope to be. John and Aimee are coming over tomorrow night for dinner, and then Chuck and Ellen on Sunday night, but other than that I think the only plan is for Stephanie to get her work done, and me to stay the hell out of the way while she does it :>

I upgraded iTunes yesterday, and I like the “Party Shuffle” feature. I can now go through the random list of songs it’s picked out to play, and decide if I really want to hear them or not instead of spending time pressing “skip” when something I’m not in the mood for comes on. Speaking of which, I’m in the mood to indulge one of my bad habits. So I guess that’ll be all for now.

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