Feeling Like the Little Dutch Boy

Did a round of patching on systems over the last couple days. Hopefully that’ll stem the tide for a little bit at least. Looking forward to checking out the apt/yum repository features of Fedora and being able to have machines auto-update themselves at predetermined times. That would be very nice, something I’ve wanted for the last couple years but now I don’t have to write it myself.

Spent some time up at the club shack this past weekend, and started writing the shack manual. So far I’ve got some basics in there, but just want to expand on it a bit. For example, there’s a bunch of antennas there that I’m not even sure what they’re for, and some that I’m not sure if they work. There’s enough people involved with everything though, I should have no problem getting all the information I need.

Making this a short one, partially because I don’t have much on my mind, and partially so I can get started with the LDAP stuff I’ve been pushing aside for so long — seems like something else always comes up that requires immediate attention.

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