Hangin’ with the Police

So I got a call this morning from someone at the Ewing Police Dept. Only, I was kinda expecting it. I contacted them to see if they still have a ham radio station at their emergency operations center, something that Kip had told me they had (last he knew, anyway). Turns out that they don’t, and the person I spoke with said he would know what it was – because he’s a ham too. So I emailed Kip and Bob (since Dave mentioned his name as someone he’s working with on a new comm center) and told them what I found out, and now I’m not sure what’s going on. Both of them mailed me back separately, so I don’t think either knows what the other said, and both seemed to be ready to make the next step. Aughh! As long as both of them are at the club meeting tomorrow night, should be okay. I can talk with everybody in one room and sort out the details.

I know there was other stuff I wanted to write in here, but I don’t remember what it was now. Guess I’m coming down with CRS a little early.

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