Every Freaking Time!

I must be bad luck.  Every time we move, construction follows.  We moved to West Deptford, and 295 went under construction for a large section I had to travel daily.  We moved to Ewing, and various little construction bits popped up here and there.  We moved to Morrisville and the Route 1 bridge started construction.  Now that it’s almost completed, the Calhoun St. Bridge is now closed while they work in that.  I forgot the bridge was closed yesterday (though I don’t usually take it) and got to a logjam on Route 1 just in time to get off at 129, snaked down Cass St. to 29 and found all routes over to PA were jammed.  Drove up 29 towards Scudders Falls to find it too was crammed full of idiots.  Ended up taking an extra half hour to drive up to Washington’s Crossing and come back down – tonight I aim to head directly there instead.  Google tells me it’s a 52 minute drive, but 23 miles – so it adds about 10 miles to the commute, and a half hour.  Then again, I’m almost okay with a half hour longer commute if I get to keep driving the whole time and not deal with aggressive, moronic and mentally deficient drivers that appear to be the norm on Route 1 anyway.

Oh, and this is apparently the 200th post on here.  It’s only taken me what, seven years?  Not counting the Slashcode years anyway.

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