Coming soon (Yet Again)

Since we’re moving soon (more later), I’m moving my web services off to a dedicated hosting company. Not sure what kind of broadband we’ll get, and if it will be a static IP, plus there’s other things I can do with this that I just don’t feel like doing at home anymore. When you spend a number of hours each day administering machines, you don’t want to do it when you get home – especially when that machine also serves as your firewall and gateway, so taking it down for an upgrade means you’ve got no Intarweb.

Also upgrading to WordPress at the same time, and I’ve imported all the old articles. Will have to go back and edit a few to fix up the links, so bear with me for a bit.

EDIT 2006/06/20 1240: I’ve fixed all the links I think – if you find a broken one then let me know.

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