All Done!

Well, that’s all finished now. Got an email from Easyspace confirming the transfer away, which I could ignore and it would happen on Sunday, or go to a webpage and it would happen right away. Sure enough, shortly after saying “Yes, I want to do this” on their page I got an email from Dreamhost that the transfer was complete. Excellent! Added a few DNS entries to my domain through Dreamhost so the home network would continue to function as normal (Please, if you’re a DNS admin.. don’t dig the SOA and bitch about what I did. I know it’s wrong, but if someone else routes those packets it’s their problem).

Have to get in the habit that I only need to hit enter once, ’cause I keep hitting it twice to get a line break. Oh well, new things to deal with. Speaking of which, our Polycom MGC was setup and tested today, so we can now host up to 12 videoconference sites at once through it. Very slick system – easy to understand for the end user, powerful, and expensive. Not my moolah.

Stephanie hurt her back recently (we’re not sure when) and ended up staying home today, the last day for staff at school. We’re hoping she doesn’t catch any crap for it, but we’ve got two prescriptions to prove we went to the doctor today. I got off the phone with her a little while ago, and she’s feeling better. She’s not going to the house tonight, and maybe not tomorrow either, though we’re thinking of swinging by there tonight to use the grill :>

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