Tongue-Tied and Twisted

So I’m working on deploying LDAP at work… we’re using NIS currently, and it’s a mess and ugly and doesn’t let me play with things I’d like to do (read: web-based account maintenance) without a lot of even uglier work… so LDAP is the way to go, for that and more reasons. Only problem is, I’m going cross-eyed reading all the information about how to go about doing it. Yeah, I could just forge ahead and make something, but then a year from now when I realize I’ve doomed myself to having to recreate the entire database just to add a certain bit of functionality, I jump off a bridge. Nah, books it is.

Just ordered two, “Understanding and Deploying LDAP Directory Services (2nd Edition)” and “LDAP System Administration” from Amazon. We’ll see I guess. They should be here around the 15th.

Mean time, I’ve got no pending issues going on at work, and only this as a long-term project that had been put off many times in the past and is now finally in the forefront. In other words, I’m spending a lot of time catching up on websites and magazine articles in between learning the internals of LDAP. Ugh. Oh well, back to something resembling work…

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