It’s Electrifying

Today’s plan is to rewire the basement lights so that 1) They all come on with the switch at the top of the stairs, and 2) There’s more of them. Getting a later start on things this weekend, because we both slept in until 11:30 (which felt damn good to do) but I’m confident that I can get everything together, and probably start on the work today and finish it tomorrow. Using flourescent “shop lights” so it won’t be a big deal to wire them up, and since I already know that two lights in the basement turn on with that switch it should be fairly simple to wire up everything else off of them.

Might even take the time to trace out the remaining breakers in the house, and see where things go. But that could be a while to do, unless I find the circuit tracer at Sears that I want (Home DePoe and Lowes both don’t have it in the store, though the former lists one I want on their website).

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