CQ Field Day, CQ Field Day

Worked on the house for a few hours, and traced out a lot of the circuits that either weren’t labeled, or I found later were labeled incorrectly or just not fully (ie, one marked “Sump Pump” which branches off to who-knows-where before that).  Figured out how I’m going to attack the basement lights so they’re all on one circuit, and all switched by the switch at the top of the stairs already instead of walking around to turn them all on.  Wrapped all that up around 2300, and headed to the club shack.

Once there, I had a look around – man, did some people do some serious cleaning up there!  There’s room for three stations comfortably, and a fourth could fit in there too.  Had one on 80m phone, one was on 40m CW and one on 20m PSK31.  Shortly after I arrived, Dan K2QM got up and offered me the 40m station, so I moved it over to the SSB portion of the band and went to town.  I didn’t figure out how many contacts I got, but at around 0455 I had wrapped up the 100th contact on 40 phone.  I’d figured I’d stop when I got there, or 5am, whichever came first – and I was happy the 100 contacts came first :>  Lots of fun this year, unlike last year when I ended up sitting around with nothing to do a lot of the time.  Figures, we have less stations operating now than last year, but nobody was waiting around for me to get off the air this time so it’s not like I kept someone from operating.

Oh well.. off to sleep, and then back to the house in the afternoon to hopefully get started on (and finish up some of) the wiring.

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