Still Going

We’re about mid-way through the process of moving I guess. Movers are coming on Thursday, and they’ll get the furniture and remaining boxes that we haven’t moved ourselves. Electronics and such we’re moving as we get the chance, and as we can get to them with everything else that is piled up around them :>

The shack is now painted (pictures will be forthcoming). Stephanie picked out the color based on the fact that it’s red, which is my favorite. Once I looked at the paint chip, I cracked up – “Radiant Red”. Perfect for a ham shack, what with all the radiation possibilities. The office is also painted, and the trim there done. Tomorrow we just need to finish painting the shack doors, and then they can be re-hung – in the mean time, the carpet can be vacuumed and shampooed, and the shack will be completely finished. Then the stuff that was in the shack, which got moved to the office temporarily, can be moved back (as well as the stuff that is supposed to be in the office), so the office carpet can be vacuumed and shampooed. That’ll be two rooms completed. We also got the downstairs hallway ceiling painted, and the master bedroom primed. All in all, a fairly productive day – when you consider we didn’t leave the apartment to go over there until around 15:00. Today (Tuesday) will be a longer day, since my parents are meeting me at the apartment around 10 to pick up a couple bookshelves, and we’ll take them to the house. Then it’s back to painting I’d imagine. Dad and I will probably work on some of the yard work, since neither of us are that good with a paint brush (I’m half-decent with a roller though). Not sure what else we’ll get into, since a lot of the “hardware” type work that we’re better at doing depends on the painting being done first, so I guess we’ll see.

And since my kitty is sitting here so cute, a picture for all to enjoy. Solaris waiting patiently for his turn on the lap:

Solaris Waiting

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