What’s New in the World This Week

I really miss Dennis Miller’s HBO show…

Anyway, a quick flashback to this past week. I was off of work the whole week, and had no internet access for most of it. Been away from Second Life for awhile, and I do miss it, but I’ve got so much other stuff to worry about right now that it’s not been much of a priority. We got most of our stuff packed, and got the living room in the house finished paint-wise. Movers came an hour early on Thursday, and we got everything moved in 6 hours – well, almost everything. Still some dishes and stuff in the kitchen at the apartment that needed to move over by hand, a small pile of stuff in the corner where the radio was sitting before (a lot of it stuff for the truck, so that’ll go right in the garage) and the shelves in the office are still full. One with computer stuff and one with Stephanie’s jams & jellies that the movers said they didn’t want to move because of possible breakage and such. So we’ll collect those things in the next week or so, bring it all to the house, and then the apartment will just need a cleaning before we hand in the keys.

On the homefront, the living room is now mostly unpacked and ready – TV & entertainment center hooked up (and Comcast came out on Friday to setup the cable connection, which is working okay – new DVR and I’m not thrilled with it, there’s a couple bugs, but they’re mostly minor), couches where we want them for the most part, blinds were hung up… just a few boxes here and there left to either unpack or repack for storage. The shack is also mostly done, with only a couple boxes of books and assorted stuff that was on the desk before and the blinds hung in there as well. I might just finish that up tonight depending on what else goes on. The kitchen & dining room are still a bit of a mess, though the table is setup now with chairs around it – part of the problem is that the painting needs to be finished before we can put stuff up on the walls, so that stuff and the stuff that would be in it has no place to go for a bit.  As for the office, we won’t talk about that – it’s hard to see the floor right now, let alone anything else in there that isn’t on the top layer of boxes.

The bedroom is mostly setup, though again we didn’t want to put a lot of things there due to needing to paint still.  Our bed and nightstands are in the room (one because we need to sleep, and the others because we need places to put alarm clocks).  Dressers are still in the spare room upstairs, though we discovered that we might not need new ones due to the A-frame ceiling – looks like ours might just fit on their own anyway.  Our queen size box spring was another story – that is currently in the office because it wouldn’t make it up the stairs at all (and not for a lack of the movers’ trying to make it fit).  We ended up ordering, and already having delivered, a split queen box which fit up the stairs nicely and gets our bed up off the floor where it sat Thursday and Friday nights.  Once the bedroom is painted, then I’ll get the blinds in there as well (right now there’s nothing, but we can work around that with clever use of towels and sheets :> ) and we can move the dressers into place.

Basement doesn’t have much to go in it, just storage stuff.  We need some more storage shelves like we have at the apartment, and will be getting some as time passes.  We had ordered a chest freezer, and when they came to deliver it we discovered that the freezer at its smallest (removing the door and hinges) was still about 1″ too wide to fit in the basement stairwell.  So we returned it (no problems fortunately) and ordered an upright.  It’s actually larger capacity, yet smaller outer dimensions – with the door on, it should just fit, and with the door off it’ll have 2.5″ to make it.  Not a lot, but enough I hope.  At least this time the freezer should make it off the truck before they say “It won’t make it.”  Got a dehumidifier too, and that’s been running nonstop for a few days.  Basement feels a lot drier now, and I think the A/C is working more easily too.  And while ordering our freezer, since we got one of those nice zero percent for 12 months (and no payments) deals from Lowes, we ordered our gas grill.  Both should be delivered on Thursday, since Stephanie has workshops to do this week.

Lastly, I got an offer of an antenna for the home station – same one I was looking at in HRO’s catalog.  So once the two of us can actually get together at some point, I should have an antenna for the shack.  Already bought the TV antenna mast to hold it up in the air too :>

I think that about covers things.  And I’m finally caught up on a week’s worth of emails too.

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