One Strike Already

Well, the red-checked telco monopoly has already pissed me off.  Yes, it’s 2:20 in the morning, and I was going to go to bed an hour and a half ago.  But I wanted to login to my account and file a support ticket to fix my PTR record.  Only problem is, I have no user name to use to login.  Ask for help on it, and am told it’s the user name I chose when I “installed my DSL software.”  What software?  I don’t need any software, and even looking through the stuff they sent me, there’s no software to install.  There isn’t even a CD.  I tell them that, they ask me if I’m using the right user name.  How the HELL would I know, when you never told me one to use?  Oh, the one when I signed up for my account.  Problem there, I don’t recall being asked for one.  I also don’t have any email from them that mentions what it might be.  And the “forgot your password?” page that asks for a username, when I give it any of the few that I would have chosen, it says the username is invalid (all but one, and I’m sure I’m not the first person to chose the name ‘huston’, let alone the fact that they then tell me the security question is wrong).

So I haven’t had working DSL for more than a day, and already they’ve got me pissed off.  Just counting off the days until Covad says they service this area, and this shit is going out the window.

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