All I Have To Do Is Dream

Well, as of right about now, my wife’s website is also being hosted by Dreamhost after having its registration information transferred to them as well.  The registrar I was using before was fine in the past, but these last couple times I’d tried to do simple changes (like updating the IP address of an authoritative name server) nothing happened in what I’d call a reasonable amount of time, so I decided to move the registrations over too.  Costs less in the long run, since Dreamhost gives me one free registration, and the others are $9.95/year (before I was paying something like $15.00/year for two years at a shot).

So in the next day or so, my home computer will return to being a router, caching DNS server, and IRC server (You do know IRC, right?  Good… 6667 (normal) or 9999 (SSL) to visit).  Still contemplating either building a new desktop, or replacing joshua’s routing capabilities with a separate box so I can take it down and play with it without killing my Internet connection.  Though the idea of leaving it as a server sounds better, since there’s other things I wouldn’t want to have to kill any time I decide to upgrade it.

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