No More Teazing

Well, since First and Dragon sold TeaZers University in Second Life, where I sorta worked, I’ve seen a lot of changes going back and forth.  A lot of good people are leaving the university, either because they don’t believe in the changes or because they don’t believe in the leadership going on.  I joined those ranks, though mostly because there’s been so many changes there that I’d need to go through all the orientation and such as if I were a new instructor again anyway just to get caught up.  I also don’t care for the style of one of the admins, but I’m not going into that – I’d been thinking of leaving before this happened, and if not for First’s insistance that I stick around I probably would’ve left right around when we moved into the house.  Just haven’t had time to get in there and do anything.

On another note, the other day was the first time that WordPress sent me an email to tell me of a new user registering.  I was all set to click ‘delete’, since most of the mail I get from WordPress is about spammers trying to post their spammy comments here (“I have much experience on this topic!” with a URL to some pill selling website) when I noticed that it’s my mother who signed up.  So I’ve got my first real subscriber – my wife didn’t even sign up for an account here 😛

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