This Space Intentionally Left Unblank

For the last couple days, I kept trying to think of something insightful to put here.  Maybe just something quirky.  Or funny.  Or more likely than not boring.  And I couldn’t come up with any of those.  Still can’t really 😛

Last night our club had its first simplex net.  Most of the nets we have (three per month, on the Wednesdays when we don’t have a meeting) are run on repeaters – so everyone just needs to be able to get into the repeater, and they can join the net.  To liven things up, there’s one on our 2m repeater, one on our 440MHz repeater, and one on the state office of emergency management 220MHz repeater.  Since this month had 5 Wednesdays, we did one on simplex (direct person-to-person, instead of through a repeater).  Worked fairly well, was only one participant that I couldn’t hear during the net, and I don’t think I was the only one to not hear him.  Nobody complained about my signal – but with an outdoor antenna now, and running 100W into it, I doubted that anyone would complain :>

I’m pretty sure we’re going out on Sunday, and there’s a part of me that swears we had something to do on Saturday, but I’ll be damned if I can remember what it was.  So either I’ll remember on Saturday, or we’ll find something else to do.  There’s a handful of little things around the house that could be done, and with the school year approaching it’ll be good to do them soon or they might sit until next summer (or at least the next break we both get).  Oh yeah, Monday is a holiday too, so there’s an extra day in there… now I’ll really have to think of things to get in trouble doing.

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