About? About what? How about, “About Me.”

Happily married as of May 2001. Employed by Princeton University (it’s not as glamorous as one might think). Amateur radio operator with the callsign W2SRH. Bought our first house in June 2006. Second house was in September of 2019. Still don’t have a tower, but I do have DXCC!

Now, if you mean about the site… running WordPress, and I think I’ve settled on a theme that I can live with. But we’ll see…

If you want to contact me, you can leave a comment somewhere and I’ll see it – if you want, you can even leave your email address or whatnot and I’ll delete that out before posting it (though if you’ve posted a comment before, it’ll show up right away).  If you’re going to email me, you might want to search the PGP public keyservers for my key; I have one for my work address, and one for my home address, but either of them will work for getting to me.  What are those addresses?  Only the shadow knows.

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