Hooray For Kitbuilding

I’ve had some conversations with other hams recently, and decided that now is the time to get fully involved in APRS.  On Sunday evening I ordered a new Yaesu FT-2800 2m radio as well as the TNC-X kit with the USB option.  The TNC-X comes as a kit which you assemble, though you can also purchase an assembled and tested unit from John.  Since I used to love building electronics kits from Heathkit “back in the day,” I decided I’d save the cash and put it together myself.  The radio should arrive tomorrow, and the TNC-X is sitting on my desk at work right now – I’m debating taking up some space in one of the labs downstairs to start putting it together tonight :>

Once assembled, and combined with the radio and an old magmount antenna I already have, I hope to have a full time APRS station running at home.  Which will be nice, since right now half of my TS-2000 is being used for APRS, so not only can I free that up for other uses but I can shut it off at night when I’m done with it.  Probably sometime in the spring I’ll look at either getting a better antenna for APRS, or just a better mount for the antenna I already have (the magmount will have to come off of the grill some time…)

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