Well, I woke up this morning (Saturday, it’s Sunday now because I can’t sleep) and hit “refresh” on my web browser again, looking in vain to see if there was a new name on top of the FCC’s list of licensees in my zip code.

And there was my name on top :>

So doesn’t it just figure, that I get my license when I’m up at my parents, without a list of repeaters, 20 miles from the nearest Echolink I could hook up to and transmit down where I live, and with nobody around here to talk to? Ahh well, Steph and I already decided we’d head back home somewhat early tomorrow (like 5ish, which is early for us) so maybe I’ll catch some people on the local repeaters on my way home. Will have to fire up the scanner and see how well I can reach the repeaters from the apartment with just a hand-held, at least until April when I can go pick up my mobile rig.

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