Are You Feeling Okay?

Yes, three days in a row. I must be ill.

Woke up this morning and did my normal website scan, and when I looked up my callsign to see if the vanity call I applied for had gone through, I found that my callsign was cancelled. Slight panic. Then I see that the other application attached to it was passed. Oh, okay, that’s much better. So my callsign is now the much easier to remember W2SRH. At least easy for me. Well, it’ll be easy once I remember that I’m not KC2MSJ anymore. Now it’s just a matter of talking to the people who already know me by the other call, and them hearing the new one attached to my name, before I stop confusing people other than myself :>

Let’s see, what else is new… Well, Steph found out that because she only has 3 credits left for her MAT degree, they automatically denied her financial aid for the summer session. Argh! There’s nothing left that she needs to take, and the way they work out the semesters it would be impossible for her to have had 5 credits left for this summer. The good news is that she found a Spanish class that’s available, and might be able to take that to bring the credits up to where fin. aid will be happy, and it will give her a refresher on the language since it’s been awhile since she spoke it often. Ahh, college bureaucracy, I’d almost forgotten how asinine it was.

Waiting to hear from Gary to see if I can swing by and use his SWR meter on the mobile rig this afternoon. Another guy had mailed me and was going to swing by yesterday morning to let me borrow his, but I was in meetings all morning and missed him. If it comes down to it I can always wait until the club meeting next week, and just ask someone to bring their meter with them. Hell, it’s light enough out late enough that I’ll still be able to check everything out, and maybe even fix it if there’s a major problem, at 1900. As long as it’s raining, can’t be working on the antenna while it’s nice weather.

Oh, one last thing. Heard this strange noise as I was driving in, and when I got to work I checked the antenna (sounded like it was bouncing off of trees or something). Turns out that the part that has the set screws to hold the antenna onto the NMO base is loose. So I’ll have to whip out the toolbox at some point today to secure that a bit better. Not a terrible deal, but again makes me glad I haven’t cranked the power up to 11 yet.

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