That’s Why I’m Easy

Okay, so it’s not Sunday morning.  Deal with it.

Spent entirely too much money at Lowes yesterday, but we got a lot of things needed – molding for three rooms, wire, electrical supplies and a couple tools, curtain rods, fire extinguishers, smoke detectors… didn’t plan on doing any of the work once we got home, because my father came down to help with it all but had to leave around 6.  We got back to the house at 6 :P  Not sure where the time went – some to the fact that we didn’t get an early start, and I guess the rest to the fact that we were in Lowes for so long.

But, shortly after he left, David (N0YMV) and his wife Jen came over, and as I was showing David what I got for basement lighting, he somehow managed to talk me into starting the project.  “Well, this one should be easy, all I have to do is convert the light fixture to an outlet…”  And then that one was done.  Well, what’s next?  See if I can get this other old light to work.  Nope, doesn’t want to.  Okay, so we’ll take that one down.  Good, all I need now is a box and I can put up another outlet, and the other shop light.  Oh wait, when I rewire this over here, I’ll have a box left over.  So why don’t we do that…

Before I knew it, I had most of the lights that I want to come on with the switch at the top of the stairs wired to do so.  Only a couple fixtures left to do really.  So many thanks to David for helping out – even though I had not planned on putting him to work, just showing off the basement stuff, he somehow managed to talk me into doing it.  Works for me :>

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