We’re Afloat (not)

Stephanie stopped by the house, for the first time since the flooding in our area started, and everything is fine.  Little bit of standing water in a couple of the drains around the basement, but nothing really wet at all.  Most excellent.  Power and water are working fine too.

Speaking of the floods, I spent most of yesterday at the Mercer County Emergency Operations Center (EOC).  We weren’t really needed for anything, but were there to make sure it was known that we’re ready should something go wrong, and I did help with a few communications events here and there – fixing one of the police band radios, and locating a few EMTs on their way down from another county to make sure they knew where to go for staging.  Was strange to have a mic in front of me, and not use my call sign, but instead things like “Strike team Juliet, Mercer EOC”.  Might go back there tonight for another shift, depending on how Stephanie feels – if she’s still working at the house, I’ll go to the house, otherwise I’ll probably head back to the EOC.

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