I’ve got a wash tub. Last night I finished up the plumbing for it, and this morning I picked up some brackets (actually the clamps you use to secure BX cable to a stud) to hook it onto the standoff I built behind it. So only a year after we moved in, I finally got a utility sink in the basement for washing up after working on the trucks – which I also did today. Oil change, air filter and new serpentine belt went quite well, but the planned changing of plugs and wires was canceled on account of my arms not bending that way. Decided I’d rather pay someone else to do it once every 100k miles than deal with the aggravation and frustration of trying to reach in there myself (especially when two of them appear to be behind the evaporator coil). At least I checked the brakes, and they’re fine – and just in case I needed to loosen the back to get the drums off, I picked up the tools I’d need to do a brake job anyway, so I’m prepared when they finally need replacing.

As Keith would say, “This thread is useless without pictures,” so have a look at the utility sink. The truck looks the same, no photos of that 😛

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